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Men’s double-breasted jacket

When one thinks of men’s double-breasted jackets usually only the classic ones with a tailored cut come to mind, perfect for occasions that require strict elegance. Today the men’s double-breasted jacket offers more possibilities to get out of those rigid mental schemes, in fact you can choose double-breasted jackets in the most varied colors and fabrics.

It is known that the jacket with the right fit never goes out of fashion, single-breasted or double-breasted, its cut reveals an infinite number of details that make it an element to be chosen with care and attention. The colors proposed by Carillo Moda range from classic colors, with dark and soft tones, to the more original and lively ones.

Men’s double-breasted jackets: wide choice on Carillo Moda Boutique

In this section you will find a wide choice of men’s double-breasted jackets, carefully selected, with modern and classic colors and fabrics, to be able to satisfy any type of customer. Take advantage of the offers on double-breasted jackets men, of high quality at the right price.

Discover the wide collection of men’s double-breasted jackets in fine materials such as wool, viscose for winter, or unlined in fresh fabrics such as strong>cotton or linen to wear them in the summer. Our jackets are able to ensure total comfort, as well as a unique style and design, with which to create your personal look!